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Prestige Auto Assessing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an Independent assessor?

If you have had an accident and are not at fault.

We can guide you through the claim and repair process in an easy step by step process.

We can professionally assess your vehicle.

We have a broad contact base including quality repairers and solicitors to cover all the various stages of repairs and claims.

Why Prestige Auto Assessing Service?

You are our client so we work for you!

Our experience and knowledge spans over 40 years in the assessing and accident repair industry.

We provide professional, timely and accurate assessments

You will be given regular feedback on your assessment.

What is my car worth? Can I get a valuation?

We can do a valuation and advise you of the current market price of your vehicle.

What happens if I am not insured and not a fault?

Your vehicle needs to be assessed by an Independent Assessor to begin the process of a claim recovery.

What is a recovery agency? Do I need one?

If you are not insured you will need a recovery agency to act on your behalf and manage your claim.

Can I have a hire car?

Yes a recovery agency will organise a hire car for you as part of the management of your claim.

How quickly do we assess your car?

We aim for next day assessment.

Where do we Assess?

All areas of Victoria (Country Areas may attract extra fees to cover travel etc.)

We assess at your home, business or panel repair centre.

What do we Assess?

Motor Vehicles, Motor Bikes, Trucks, Caravans, Farm Machinery, Heavy Haulage Motor Vehicles.

Insurance Companies?

If you have a dispute with your Insurance Company yes we can help assisting you through the process.

What do I do next?

Contact Prestige Auto Assessing Service either by phone/email to begin the claim process.

Ph: (03) 8336 1965
Fax: (03) 9335 1655
Mobile : 0400 103 624